Today's "Heardle" Song of the Day #60

Today’s “Heardle” Song of the Day #60: Unraveling the Answer and Clues



Heardle, one of the popular imitators of the viral sensation Wordle, has taken the world by storm. This game of “Name That Tune” allows players to test their musical knowledge by guessing the song of the day with limited audio clues. If you’re unfamiliar with Heardle, here’s how it works and the answer to today’s song.

How Heardle Works

In Heardle, players are given six chances to guess the day’s song. Initially, they hear only the first second of the track. After each incorrect answer or skip, additional seconds of the song are played. On the last guess, players get to listen to the first 16 seconds. The songs featured in Heardle span various genres and decades, providing a diverse challenge for players. For example, yesterday’s song was “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones.

Today’s Heardle Hints: Tuesday, April 26

If you’re struggling to guess today’s song, don’t worry—I’ve got the answer. But before revealing it, let’s dive into the clues and discuss the song a bit.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The clues for today’s Heardle are as follows:

  1. Genre: R&B/funk/go-go.
  2. Year of release: 2005.
  3. Chart performance: It reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and the top five in the UK singles chart.
  4. Trivia: The song samples “Oh, Calcutta!” by The Meters.

Still puzzled? Can’t seem to recall the song’s name? Brace yourself, as I’m about to reveal the answer.

Heardle #60 Answer for April 26

The answer to today’s Heardle is “1 Thing” by Amerie.

This one had me momentarily stumped. The opening beat is instantly recognizable to those familiar with the song, but I initially entered “One Thing” in the answer box. Since the autocomplete feature didn’t recognize that specific formatting, it wasn’t among the suggested options. However, when I typed “Thing,” the correct answer finally appeared.

It was a delightful journey down memory lane. I hadn’t heard or thought about that song in quite some time, but its catchy tune quickly brought back memories. It’s a true blast from the past that I vividly remember dancing to in clubs back in the day. Rediscovering it was a pleasant surprise, and I hope you enjoy it too.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the Heardle answer and clues for puzzle #61.

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