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Martha Raddatz: A Respected Reporter’s Accomplishments and Net Worth



Martha Raddatz, a prominent American reporter, has made significant contributions to the field of journalism throughout her career. Best known as the ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent, Raddatz has established herself as a respected figure in the industry. This article explores Martha Raddatz’s net worth, age, notable debate moderations, and her portrayal on SNL. Let’s delve into the life and achievements of this remarkable journalist.

Early Life and Background

Martha Raddatz was born on February 14, 1953, in Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States. Raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, she pursued her education at the University of Utah. However, she did not complete her degree, as she chose to pursue a career in broadcasting.

Net Worth and Career

Martha Raddatz began her career while still studying at the University of Utah. She worked for a local station before joining National Public Radio as a Pentagon correspondent in 1993. After five years at NPR, Raddatz moved to ABC News Boston affiliate WCVB-TV as the chief correspondent. In 1999, she joined ABC News and initially served as the State Department correspondent. Throughout her career, Raddatz has held various roles, including ABC senior national security correspondent and network chief White House correspondent during the last term of the George W. Bush administration. She has also moderated notable debates, such as the Vice-Presidential debate in 2012 between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Raddatz’s impressive career has significantly contributed to her net worth, which is estimated to be between $8 to 10 million dollars.

Personal Life

Martha Raddatz has been married multiple times. Her first husband was Ben Bradlee Jr., a Pulitzer Prize-winning editor for The Boston Globe. She later married Julius Genachowski, who served as the chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission under the Obama Administration. Currently, Raddatz is married to Tom Gjelten. She has two children from her previous marriages.

Age and Physical Appearance

At the time of writing, Martha Raddatz is 70 years old. Despite her age, she maintains a youthful appearance. Raddatz has blonde hair, which she styles in various lengths. She possesses a well-maintained physique, with body measurements of 34-24-35 inches. Her dark brown eyes and radiant face contribute to her youthful look. Standing at a height of five feet and six inches and weighing approximately 54 kg, Raddatz showcases her elegance and grace.

Awards and Recognition

Martha Raddatz has received numerous accolades for her outstanding contributions to journalism. She was honored with the second annual Free Press Award and the 2016 Sol Taishoff Award for excellence in broadcast journalism. These recognitions reflect her dedication and talent in the field. Raddatz’s illustrious career and noteworthy achievements are chronicled on various social media platforms, including Wikipedia, IMDb, Twitter, and Facebook.


Martha Raddatz’s net worth and accomplishments are a testament to her exceptional career as a reporter. Through her work at ABC News and her remarkable debate moderations, she has solidified her status as a respected journalist. Raddatz’s professionalism, dedication, and contributions to the field of journalism continue to inspire aspiring reporters. With her net worth steadily growing, Martha Raddatz serves as an inspiration for women pursuing successful careers in the media industry.

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